STMIK Primakara is highly interested in collaboration with stakeholders who is eager to work hand in hand to develop the IT education and Technopreneurship in Indonesia. STMIK Primakara cooperation partners cover educational institutions, government-owned institutions, communities, mass media, as well as companies / industries both domestic and foreign.

  • Combined Research

  • Dual Degree Programs

  • Joint Degree

  • Student Exchange

  • Journal - scientific serial publication

  • Internship programs

  • Academic seminar and conferences

  • CSR programs

  • Lecture exchange

  • Curriculum development and advancement

  • Graduate career opportunities and program

  • Lecturer training

  • Visiting Professor 

  • Development of Research and Scientific Centre

  • Product & System Development

  • Article Research

  • Patent Research

  • Prototype Research

  • And any other possible collaboration

The following are some of the goals and interest that you can collaborate with Primakara :


STMIK Primakara invites and opens an opportunity for professors from abroad to create a Visiting Professor program in Primakara. The output of this program and partnership will be in a form of international publication or a study textbook.

The goals of this program are :

  • To provide an international academic experience for Primakara students

  • Capacity building and developments for our lecturers

  • A strengthened partnership and cooperation between Primakara and the visiting professor’s institution




STMIK Primakara is open for research collaboration with any institutions including but not limited to government agencies, tourism, academic industry, and communities that shares the same vision. Professionals that are looking for research programs and fellowship are also invited to open up a discussion in search for an opportunity alike. We also highly appreciate for those interested to contribute funding, facility support and any sort of research contribution programs are also welcome to contact Primakara.

Primakara’s Business Incubator is open to support the growth and development of startups in Indonesia and Bali especially within the technopreneurship focus. Collaboration can be carried out with various parties such as government agencies, academic institutions, communities, industry, and the mass media.

Contribution and support to our Business Incubator can be carried out by professionals, mentors and practitioners with the goals of developing the world of technopreneurship. We also highly appreciate for those interested to contribute funding, facility support and any other possible contribution to Primakara’s Businesss Incubation program.

Intellectual property rights and commercialization can support research partnership programs and innovation that has been carried out by Primakara or its partner, in Indonesia and abroad. The outcome of the research can receive an Intellectual Property Rights/copyright that can be used by all parties within the research partnership.





Primakara supports the implementation of community service activities, whether carried out by the Academic Community of Universities from abroad (including lecturers and students registered at an overseas University), foreign government agencies, communities or industries etc. 

Support from partners can be in the form of community services, activity funding, or other support that can facilitate such events.

International internship program is available at Primakara and is open for companies and industries abroad who are eligible to send their students for this academic and student career program. Primakara  Career Centre with KUIK (International affairs & partnership) works closely to support the execution of this program. 

This program can become a part and an integration of the Academic program ‘Merdeka Belajar’ (Freedom of Study) with an internship period of 1 semester.



Primakara invites students from International institutions and universities abroad to take part in our Summer Camp program in Bali. 

The program spans throughout 5 days and focuses on activities implementing community service and getting to know more about technopreneurship and other stimulus activities such as Cross Culture Activities.